Best Vastu Shashtra Tips For Home Interior


Many people believe that Vastu Shastra is applicable to the construction of the home, not the design but the truth is that Vastu applicable to the interior of home also.

It is not good If your home is constructed as per Vastu norms but you have ignored the interior’s Vastu.

Vastu Expert Sandesh Dhanraj of Noah Interiors says Vastu plays important role in the interiors of the house. Negative and positive energies affect the family member living in the house.

According to the interior décor elements like color of the walls, entrance of the house positioning of the furniture, and placement of the temple can put the negative impacts if Vastu Shashtra is not considered.

Vastu Tips

  • The position of the kitchen is related to the health life of the people of the house.
  • Interiors of a bedroom affects health and career of the people of the house.
  • Position of the Temple affects peace in the home.
  • Position of the mirrors at the places in the house affects health and happiness.
  • Placement of the furniture can affect the mental health.
  • Colour choices can put the impact on people of the house.  
  • Avoid black colour furniture and tiles in the kitchen
  • Reading and studying direction should be east facing.
  • We can sleep in any direction but except north.
  • Keep the north east corner clean and tidy.
  • Avoid facing a mirror during sleeping or sitting.
  • The entrance to the living room should be the entrance to the residence.
  • Windows should be the north or east.
  • A South-west entrance is considered not good.
  • Light colour should be of walls.
  • Furniture’s placement should be in the southern and western corner.
  • Electronic appliances’ placement should be in the south east.
  • Light curtains should be on the windows and doors in the north east side.

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