Interior Design: 6 Easy Steps to Design Living Room

  1. Greenery

    greenary in living room

Greenery in the living room space will give a feel of nature and a clean-positive environment. You can put the money plant or any other decorative plant in the corner of the living area.

  1. Sofa & Comfort


If you are thinking of decorating your living area, then you have to buy Sofa first. choose a dark or light colour sofa that will make your living area beautiful. You can choose a yellow sofa or creamy white colour sofa to make the living area look nice.

  1. Decorating wall


Back side of the sofa, Feature Wall should be colourful. It should be texture colour or any dark colour paint. So don’t forget to colour the feature wall. If you don’t like dark colour paint, then you should select any wallpaper and fix it on the wall. You can use the paintings to decorate the wall behind sofa set.

  1. The Table
    Center table is an important part of the living room. Choose a wooden or Glass fixed table to decorate your center space near the sofa set. Wooden coloured center tables will give you a retro feeling.
  2. Pillow


Don’t forget to buy sofa’s pillows that should be colourful. You can select a dark coloured pillow to give a beautiful look to the sofa. It should be dark red or yellow or dark white or grey coloured.

  1. LED TV
    led tv in living room

    LED Tv set should be in living area if you want to watch tv. LED TV will give the feeling of the comfortable modern design. You can give order to carpenter to create wooden LED panel to showcase in your living area space.

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