Interior Design: Which Colour Is the best for Home


Do you want to paint your home but there is no suitable colour it is a problem? Don’t worry! Every colour speaks, every colour gives a message. Here, colour’s messages are brought to you by JML.

Blue Colour

Blue colour means calm and cool. It is the most preferred colour because it hints the sky and heaven. Those who like blue colour are natural persons, loyal and friendly in nature. Blue colour works best in the bedroom.

Yellow Colour
Yellow colour means happiness, optimism, inspiration and summer. Those who like yellow colour are modern and new in thinking. The yellow colour brings a sunny feel to the space.

Purple colour:
Purple colour is related to imagination. It is the colour of the royal standard, luxury and wealth. Those people who like the purple colour are creative, wise and romantic. Try this colour for walls that will represent relaxation, serenity and calmness.

Red Colour:
The red colour represents confidence, excitement and full energy. It is the most preferred colour for the feature walls. Those people like red are passionate, energetic and outgoing persons. Try red colour if you want to bring a cheerful feel to your home.

Green Colour:
Green Colour means nature. Green can also be explained as joyful and energized. Those people like green colour are balanced person. It brings energy to the home.

Pink Colour:
Pink is a beautiful colour that is part of red colour family. Those people who like pink colour are feminist and romantic. Pink colour works best in the bedroom.

Brown colour:
Brown colour indicates earth, security and contentment. Those people like brown colour are the person who believe in nature, simplicity and prefers comfort.

Orange Colour:
Orange represents fruitful and happiness. It symbolizes warms and enthusiasm. Those people who like the orange colour are very frank. Orange colour is preferred for the dining area.

Silver Colour:
Silver colour indicates prosperity and wealth. Those who like the silver colour are very stylish and motivated. Silver can create a feeling of richness.

White Colour:
White colour is very clean and creates a cool environment. Those People prefer white colour like the contemporary style. The white colour gives a formal feeling.

Black Colour:
Black indicates elegance, mystery and power. Those people who like black colour are ambitious. It should be chosen for the hall in the house.

Gray Colour:

Gray is classic, elegant that works well with the other colours. Those people like Gray colour are intelligent. It is the colour that creates the feeling of inviting.

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